Friday, March 30, 2012

My Day Today - Your Health And Tech Friend

When you have a teenage daughter sometimes the household has to become vegetarians; ours is now a 'certified organic' household. At this moment I'm ok with that.  Our grocery shopping is good for a couple of days.  I'm also the 'sandwich generation' in between older parents and a younger child.  A moment ago I was comforting our dog, she is a mixed breed known as a 'gollie' - part golden retreiver, part collie.  She is afraid; terrified of storms and the rain is coming down and it's been lightening a little; she was trembling from head to tail, so I was holding her and comfortably petting her to help her to calm down.  I'm home, which isn't usual these days - I/we go to my parents home several days a week and it isn't an easy life.  I'm already aware of the benefits it has, in that I won't/don't feel guilty, but it sure isn't an easy way to go.  The biggest part is that it's hard to accept the house being layers upon layers of dust; the clothing piled up to about 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide of a pile.  The kitchen floor hasn't been mopped fully, except for spills, in a couple of months.  When I look at it on paper I see clearly what people have said; 'if it doesn't breathe, it doesnn't matter.'  I have a terrific husband who isn't a person to criticize even if there is no dinner, and their hasn't been for quite awhile, not on a regular basis  Thank goodness he is good with a bowl of cereal now and then!  We have pretty traditional roles in our home.  Even if that was something I fought against in high school years.  I was a woman who would never be controlled by a man.  I can't be controlled, that won't happen, but I do enjoy being the 'wife' with the roles it comes with.  Even if I'm not always happy about the work.

Today I'm at home and I'm happy about that.  I'm crochetting a baby blanket for a niece who will be having a baby soon.  Her shower is in about one week and it is almost done.  I have the yarn purchased for another baby that is already here; a friend of my daughter's, mom, had her - get this, 6th baby! Wow, now that's an old fashioned family, huh?

We won't be seeing them for a few weeks, or two months, so that blanket will be next.  It's relaxing to crochette but seems a little selfish to me, taking out the time to do it.  But it does save on money for a baby gift and the 'home made' blanket thing is a valuable gift these days... so that gives me 'reason' to accept taking out the time to do it.
Women today still have guilt I know, just being a mom creates reason or situations for guilt.  Much has changed for women in the world, but some things haven't.  I have a small amount of guilt.  I try and work what i call, a spiritual program... so that gives me 'tools' to work with in my life.  Like turning things over to God; accepting things that I cannot change; trying the regular tools of thinking, like the common sense stuff that says that I can't do it all.  Another great thing can be just a saying that came to me lately, "I can only please 3 persons today and you're not one of them."  Or, try and please everyone and no one is pleased - please yourself and at least someone is pleased. 
Well, that is where I am today.  Bye for now....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Leaky Gut Syndrome...or raw food diet for dogs...hmmm.

Today it was a toss up, to talk about my pet's health, she didn't want to eat - she's on a 'raw-food diet since November; today she didn't want to eat, and she threw up some stomach acid; or to talk about 'leaky gut syndrome' (in humans), or... I don't remember the third thing.  I believe I'll tackle the leaky gut next.  There is so much more today to 'concern ourselves' with than there was when I was a kid... or when I was 28.  I believe around 28... the 1980's things began to get complicated.  Like on the news, I believe it was lettuce that year, which was believed to cause cancer.  And it just proliferated from there.  Soon we all knew that 'everything caused cancer.'  Goodnight for now, Conny   P.S.  Oh yes... look to  for the latest, possibly 'leaky gut syndrome.'

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Cancer Riddle...billions of dollars and decases in tme, we are not any closer to solving the...

"After billions of dollars and decades in time, we are not any closer to solving the cancer riddle, the number two killer in this country. Never mind solving or conquering cancer, we don’t even understand the fundamental cause of cancer. WHY?..."

Foods We Eat....

"If people let the
government decide what

foods they eat and what

medicines they take, their

bodies will soon be in as

sorry a state as are the

souls of those who live

under tyranny." -- Thomas