Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just what - constitutes - 'real' food? Is all food created equal? What about genetically modified food... what is it, and does it provide real nurishment? Let's find out. Nancy

Apple Cidar Vinegar For Health your health and tech friend

  "At the end of times the merchants of the world will deceive the nations of the world through
Their Pharmacia." (sorcery) - Rev 18:23

Apple Cidar Vinegar For Health your health and tech friend

"If people let the government decide what
foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as

sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." -- Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Napturally Curly" Hair - My comment to Lisa Irby's - going natural....

Hi there! My comment below is my response to one of Lisa Irby's pages on ""

She is on the right track with going 'natural' with her hair. Lisa is one of my 'hero's' in the website building industry; and now, I see, we share the desire to essentially,'Go Green' and be natural in the 'hair department.'

For me, that was in a switch from artificial 'unnatural' chemical hair color products, to using Henna for my hair color needs. Please see my video on You Tube; 'Using Henna for Hair Color.' I have, three videos for this purpose. (Please see Video One below - also see my You Tube Channel.) Nancy Koncilja Gursih

"Hi! As a cosmetologist, I’d like to say that Lisa is on the right track with ‘Body, Mind, and Spirit’ health. Looking to natural and healthy is much smarter. Beauty starts within. In the ‘Salon World’ I found much application of products on the ‘outside’ of the hair: this isn’t true, or lasting effort: it actually causes damage in the ‘short’ and ‘long’ run.

Our true freedom and happiness begins from within; and can start with a change of our thinking about things like our hair… I could go on, but I’ll stop there. Natural beauty begins inside, healthy hair begins ‘inside’. Taking oil vitamins; and supporting minerals – promotes beautiful hair, as Lisa says, ‘the hair that grows on our head naturally.’ The way that Lisa is styling and caring for her hair, produces just beautiful results.

Nancy Koncilja Gurish Your Health And Tech Friend