Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Potters Bar Brownie Troop Helps Hunger In Malawi....

Potters Bar Brownie Troop Helps Hunger In Malawi....

DUE to the good work of the Potters Bar brownies, 50 backpacks full of useful items are on their way to the poverty-struck country Malawi.

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As part of the ‘Together we can’ project undertaken by the brownies, awareness had to be raised about poor places across the world leading to ideas of ways to fundraise.

The brownies at Potters Bar decided to support the project ‘Mary’s Meals’, which has a backpack appeal asking fundraisers to fill a backpack with educational and lifestyle items.

The 5th Potters Bar Brownies leader Nikki Sullivan said: “The Backpack Project is a simple way to help children from poor families to get to school in countries like Liberia and Malawi.

“Very often these families cannot afford to buy basic things like pencils and notebooks, or even suitable clothes to wear to school, and so children miss out on an education.

“Along with the free school meal that Mary’s Meals provides, costing as little as £6.15 per child, per year, the backpacks that we send help children to get an education that will help them escape poverty in later life.”

The brownies asked sister organisations, such as scouts, cubs, beavers, guides and rainbows, to help the project by donating items such as notepads, pencils, crayons, rulers, toothpaste, toothbrushes and items to follow this article....,_uk.htm

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aspertame And The Brain

Sometimes I feel sad when I think about how different things are today, from when I was growing up. In tenth grade I first tried the cola named 'Tab' - ohhh, that was awful tasting stuff. But, because it 'had no sugar' I tried very hard to like it. At home my mom used saccharine: oh! Talk about a very bad taste. I tried it straight out of the bottle: little drops would come out of it. Clear, liquid in about a 5 oz bottle. I'm not certain when but eventually Pepsi came out with Diet Pepsi, and that was pretty good. Then Coke: not certain which came first. I do remember getting Diet Pepsi in a bottle. That was a taste that was a little easier to get used to. Soon, boy that was all that I drank. Diet colas; mostly I preferred the pepsi. Coke was sweeter than I liked. By 1989/90 I was drinking about one or two 2-liter bottles a day. This has not been an easy habit for me to break. But, over a few months time within this last year, after some constant reminders from my daughter, I am now diet cola free. And I'm not missing it finally. I did miss it for awhile; I'd have one every week, maybe two; I sort of weaned my way off of them. But I'm free of it, and I can say that my memory is more sharp. I can actually go to the local grocery store without a list; and my recall on everything is very good. It was not very good in the past. I constantly had to ask myself "what was I looking for" - "what did I come here for." Not any more! Your Health And Tech Friend P.S. It is my recommendation that we do not drink beverages with aspertame, and other artificial sweeteners; or consume other products with the artificial stuff in it. Would we run our cars on artificial gas? How long would they run properly. Just a thought. P.P.S. Check out the side effects of truvia...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Daughter's Scoliosis Update....

An important change in my daughter’s spine is indicated in this way. She practices ballet: for class; naturally, she needs to shave her armpits (my daughter also has nystagmus, her eyes move from side to side). My husband and I believe that nystagmus is related to scoliosis. With nystagmus it makes it difficult for her to shave her underarms by herself. I’ve helped her through the past five years with this. Since she has been consistently taking the body balance kit: of liquid, angstrom sized minerals; along with other supplemental minerals and ‘good’ vitamins. Her armpit structure has changed. We could see the change in her spine. I will post pictures here as soon as time allows. I’ve got pictures from last year, the year before; and from a couple of different months in 2011/12. There is a clear change in her spine; not in height, but in the shape of the curve. However as I helped her with her underarms; there used to be a concave shape in her right armpit: it made it difficult to shave this particular armpit. The left one was more flat shaped (had no real shape.) Today, this is June 2, 2012; there is symmetry in the shape of her armpits. That blew me away when I first detected it. It was possibly three five months ago that I noticed this change. She’d been taking the minerals most consistently this past 6 months. These are minerals which I purchase from a company called Water Divine. I’d like you to understand that I do not sell any product, and I am not an affiliate for anyone. I’ve taken on this website in order to share the benefits which my family and I get from using colloidal silver, which I make myself. Again, I don’t sell anything. However, at work I had a friend who talked to me about the products he takes, which were from that company, Water Divine. That was when I found them. That was about 3 years ago. We have used them since, however not as consistently as in this past, maybe 8 months. They (mineral foundation and support) are the true answer to correction of disease. And they are the true prevention of disease. We are also using MMS as I belive there is a viral link to scoliosis. (Please use discretion in using any alternative source of health or wellness products. Your Health And Tech Friend is not a medical provider.) I’m fired up about this now… But enough for this time.